Evening Desert Safari – Getting the Most Out of Your Safari

The Evening Desert Safari takes off in the evening with pickup from home by the night in Sharjah or Dubai, expert safari drivers will take you on a high-speed drive into the desert with spectacular views, then you will get back to the campground where you will enjoy camel trekking and after a brief briefing on rules of the desert driving, the tour guide will issue you your own safety gear, then the tour guide will take you to a campsite and then you will relax by your own fire under a starry night sky. This is one of the most exhilarating activities that one can experience in a vehicle. Here are some tips for those who love to drive and who wants to try their hand at desert safari while enjoying the ride.

Evening Desert Safari

The best time to drive in the desert is when the skies are clear. You will be able to drive much safer if the sun is not shining on the ground. But if it is already dark and a storm is brewing then the best time to drive in the desert is during nighttime. It is safer when there are more cloud cover and less visibility. Also you will find it is better to take a car with some sort of backup camera. In case there is an accident while you are driving through the desert then there is no telling if you are safe or not and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

Once you are sure you are a good driver then you need to pick up a good quad bike. The best places to pick up quad bikes are the ones near the places where there is the least traffic. Usually there is a good traffic pattern during evening in these places as everyone is out partying. Pick up quad bikes from these places with caution because you may not be able to see people and their vehicles in the dark. There is also no one to pull over to the side and let you know what the situation is. You must make sure that your lights are turned on when you are picking up quad bikes from these places and never forget to check your mirrors before you start driving your quad bike in this kind of traffic.

Now you need to pack your quad bikes in your car and make sure that you do not leave them at home. Make sure that there is space between each wheel so that there is no accidental bumping on the ground. Also, do not overload the car with quad bikes, leave at least enough space for every car and have your driver carry all the quad bikes with him and also leave enough space for every person in the car. There are many places where quad bikes are sold with a large amount of space so you need to consider that.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

When you drive through the night sky and see the night sky and the stars, take note of every detail. If you see a star in the sky but you cannot identify it, then it is probably not a good night for an evening desert safari. The light of the star may not be enough to identify it and there may be too many stars which will affect your ability to see the landscape. This is another reason why you need to look at the stars before you drive during the night.

There are many places where quad bikes can be rented with ease such as the beach or the desert, the beaches are perfect for quad bikes, because they are not lit at night. The sand in the beach is dry, making it very easy to drive in. If you are going in the desert, then you need to bring along your quad bikes with you since the sand is dry and also you will not be able to drive in mud. When driving in the desert, you need to have some form of vehicle protection such as a windscreen and you need to be extremely careful, you need to be extra cautious.

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If you plan to have quad bikes during the day, then there is another way for you to get to these places. The best way is to hire a van and ride to the desert at night, there is a lot of space available and it will be very easy to get in the vehicle and drive. Also if you are staying at a camp ground where there are a lot of tents, then you do not have to worry about finding a place to park the car because all of the camp grounds have cars.

The main reason that an evening desert safari is important is so popular is because it has such beautiful scenery. There are animals and plants and there is plenty of space. to see in the night. Take your time and enjoy the view and get in touch with nature.

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